Unique Spiritual Yoga Retreats in South Goa, India

New Year Retreat and Customized Retreats 

Give yourself a life changing gift where there is time just for you & your inner growth, where focus is on your inner evolution, regaining energy and breaking old habits, where to learn to see yourself and the world anew. This is a journey back to your heart. We welcome you to the land of spirituality itself – our home away from home – Goa, India!!


Tanya and Michael Aprile of The Center for Higher Knowledge are pleased to invite you to a unique experience with a complete spiritual teaching. Their retreats are customized to support and help you deeper into your spiritual path. You will experience a teaching that is unique and combines all the elements needed: spiritual teachings, yoga, meditation, lectures, dance therapy, tantra and private sessions. The goal is to help and guide the student to reach higher levels of consciousness. They pass you the essence of the yoga and spiritual knowledge: how to walk the spiritual path and use that knowledge in your daily life.


The spiritual teachings will be united with the beautiful spiritual energy of India. India is the center of spirituality itself. You will stay in the south of Goa where you will have Goa's wonderful nature, beaches, sun, kind and warm Goan people, and of course it’s delicious Indian food.



New Year Retreat 2017/2018 coming soon!

We take only up to 15 participants, so book your space now

Customized retreats are available from November 1, 2016 – April 1, 2017

Check our website for more details and email us with your questions



Patnem and Palolem Beaches, South Goa, India


New Year Retreat Rate

2050 euro per person for 14 nights in double occupancy

2300 euro per person for 14 nights in single occupancy

***Save 100 euro when you book by Sept 1, 2016

Rate Includes:

  • Accommodation for 10 nights
  • Delicious vegetarian breakfast after morning Yoga classes
  • 9 days morning Yoga & Meditation classes
  • 6 days afternoon Yoga & Meditation classes
  • 2 dance therapy classes
  • 2 lectures on spirituality
  • 1 lecture about tantra
  • 1 dolphin boat trip tour at sun rise or sunset
  • New Year Celebration with dinner and events
  • Welcome cocktail with orientation walk in the surroundings


Customized Retreat Rate

Starts from 2 nights/ 3 days, email for quote to include more days:

215 euro per person with minimum 2 persons in shared double occupancy

315 euro per person with minimum 1 person in single occupancy

***It may be possible to upgrade or downgrade room category

Rate ​Includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Delicious vegetarian breakfast after morning yoga
  • 2 morning yoga/meditation classes with satsang (Q&A about spirituality)
  • 2 afternoon yoga/meditation classes with satsang (Q&A about spirituality)
  • 1 lecture on spirituality with Q&A
  • Welcome cocktail with orientation walk in the surroundings


Tanya Aprile is a spiritual teacher of Yoga, meditation, healing, clairvoyance, tantra & dance therapy.

She has spent her life walking The Path Of The Heart, for finding the way back to the origins of balance or the source of infinite love, freedom, wisdom & peace which is dwelling deep inside all of us. That source is named in many ways – for Tanya that source is GOD. Her deep longing for finding the way back to that source in her heart, took her on the path to study, practice & experience the universal laws. Tanya has spent a lot of time in the land of spirituality, India, and she met her husband Michael in Patnem and Palolem Beaches during one of her visits.   


Michael Aprile is Spiritual teacher for the New Paradigm, Diet-health-life consultant, meditation teacher, tantra teacher and tour expert. Michael has always had a deep hunger to know and understand the Universe and its laws, therefore, he has spent his life studying about spirituality, philosophy and has lived in different countries during his studies to gain deeper knowledge. It's natural for him to share his knowledge and offer a very different take on who we are and why we are here. Michael says, “I trust you enjoy my work. It is offered to help you grow and develop your own Soul Path beautifully.” 


The retreat is held on in a beautiful and peaceful Eco Resort. This place is unique and that is why they have chosen exactly this place. It has an authentic Indian atmosphere, relaxing energy and is completely immersed into nature. The Eco Resort is located between the 2 beaches in a calm area and yet it is just few minutes’ walk from the beaches. The cabanas are all made of local material and are built to include trees and let you enjoy the moon and stars at night. There are different categories of cabanas from basic to deluxe accommodation. Basic accommodation is offer in our retreat packages unless you request an upgrade.



Their restaurant is set beneath swaying coconut trees and is primarily vegetarian. It also offers a good range of vegan and separately cooked fresh fish. Whenever possible, the restaurant serves organically produced food and drinks but the juice bar offers the most extensive range of juices. After the morning yoga, you will have a wonderful Brunch with freshly pressed juice, bread, jam, fresh fruit, muesli, soya or rice milk, yoghurt and masala chai or herbal tea. 


  • The Eco Resort has a Naturopathic Center that offers holistic treatments/therapies and massages
  • Beach Shuttle from the Eco Resort once a day
  • Private Sessions with Healing & Clairvoyance - Tanya: 90 euro
  • Diet, health & Life Consultancy -  Michael: 90 euro 
  • Individual yoga classes - Tanya 1 1/2 hour: 70 euro 
  • Individual meditation classes - Tanya &/or Michael 50min: 50 euro


Not Included

  • Flight Ticket
  • Airport transfer
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Private Sessions and Consultancy
  • Spa Services
  • Transport for nature and culture tours
  • Beach Shuttle
  • Scooter Rental

Contact The Center For Higher Knowledge

Phone: Tanya in Denmark +45 51 232 232

Phone: Tanya in Italy +39 3345789771

Phone: Michael in Italy +39 3396669057

Email: mail@thecenterforhigherknowledge.com

Website: www.thecenterforhigherknowledge.com