The Best Yoga Retreats in Europe

The Mont Blanc Magical Mystery Tour

Wild Alps Adventure is taking a truly holistic approach by incorporating nurturing & energizing Yoga, Mountain Meditation and spectacular hiking in the Italian Alps. For details

Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat, Canary Is.

Find an idyllic yoga retreat experience with an exotic twist on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands - Spanish food and culture with an African climate and white sand beaches. For details

Cala d’Or Yoga. Majorca, Spain

You’ll be surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of eastern Majorca on this yoga retreat with lots of optional activities in the afternoon and a great choice of restaurants in walking distance. For details

Cyprus Villages Yoga Holidays

Enjoy the quiet ambience of Cyprus Villages and renew with twice daily yoga. These holidays in tastefully restored, traditional houses of the beautiful village of Tochni are sure to delight! For more details

Hvareno Yoga Retreats, Croatia

Come to Hvar Island in the summer for delightful and inspirational Yoga retreats in this stylishly decorated guesthouse called Hvareno, a little gem tucked away in the village of Dol. For details

Luxury 5* Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece

Retreat to beautiful Chania on the island of Crete. Practice yoga twice a day just steps from the beach, explore the gorgeous Venetian harbor and pedestrian old town. For more details

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Menorca, Spain

Menorca’s laidback lifestyle makes it an ideal place for a yoga retreat, yet it has so much to offer, so many beautiful places to see and fun things to do. For more details

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Mykonos, Greece

These retreats offer a healthy balance of daily yoga and simply enjoying life on a beautiful island, with yoga overlooking the sea, private beach, luxury spa, and 5-star hotel service. For more details

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Sicily, Italy

Soak in the culture, history and amazing food and wine. Enjoy an afternoon at the beach and yoga twice a day with views of the sea and of the beautiful Sicily coastline. For more details

Resort Svatá Kateřina

This wellness resort is located in the forests off the Czech Republic, far away from the noise of the city. Let the energy of the surrounding countryside freely affect your body and mind.

For more details

Sardinia Yoga

You will be surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Costa Smeralda on this Mediterranean yoga holiday, with lots of activities and hidden beauty spots to explore. For more details

Seasonal Yoga Retreats in Catalonia, Spain

Between the French border and Barcelona city is the Empordà region where these weekly Yoga retreats will focus on the characteristic elements of each season to get ready for it.

For details

Sweetyoga Retreats Portugal

Blue skies, sun and mountain views provide the backdrop for this summer yoga retreat. Beautiful, private venues in Central Portugal offer the perfect setting for to relax and recharge. For details

Skyros Holidays Worldwide

Stretch your mind and body, try some windsurfing, learn to dance to the rhythms of salsa, create mosaics, start that novel or take a look at what you really need in life.

For more details

Tantric Hatha Yoga with Michael Stewart

Deva, Mantra, Mudra, Prana, and Nyasa - as we connect all these elements of a Tantric Hatha practice, we’ll also include a dynamic alignment based Asana sequence.

For more details

The Original Yoga Cruise - Yoga Ahoy!

Enjoy a week of Yoga aboard a traditional style motor sailing yacht in the calm warm waters of the Turkish Mediterranean. Come aboard and indulge yourself in the ease of life on the sea.  For more detail

Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat, Portugal

A magical yoga retreat on the edge of wilderness nestled in foothills of central mountains in Portugal. Practice yoga daily, walk in forests, swim and mud bathe in rivers, eat deliciously, sleep deeply. For details

Villa La Tosca Yoga Escapes, France

Yoga holidays and retreats in France combining yoga, meditation and spa at a beautiful luxury oceanfront villa - the perfect setting for a holistic wellness experience of your body, mind and spirit. For details

Yoga Blue Cruises Turkey

Spend seven days gliding through the turquoise waters of Turkey, breathing in the smell of the sea and pine trees, and enjoying the benefits of daily yoga practice. For more details

Yoga Holiday Portugal

How about an eco-friendly yoga retreat in the heart of Portugal? Stay in a comfortable yurt and enjoy a week of wholesome food and personalised yoga classes. For detail

Yoga & Horseback Riding in Tuscany

Vallebona is a dreamlike setting in the Tuscan countryside offering beautiful surroundings, powerful and relaxing Yoga sessions, vegetarian cuisine and unforgettable horseback riding. For details

Yoga & Meditation in the Heart of Tuscany

The focus of this magical yoga retreat in Italy is to open energy pathways, quiet the mind, cultivate deep listening and follow sensation as your guide to practice. For more details


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