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Skyros, the first and still the best’ alternative holiday according to The Guardian, offers sun, sea, yoga plus the opportunity to build new friendships, relationships and new interests, or even a new way forward. Do as much or little as you like. Relax and enjoy the good food and company. Holidays take place on the Greek island of Skyros as well as other beautiful locations worldwide. Yoga is only one of the many activities available. Additional courses range from windsurfing, sailing to dance, yoga, painting, music, mosaics and creative writing.


A Skyros holiday is perfect for those who want something a bit unusual, offering a unique kind of healthful, joyful, warm, thought-provoking, even life changing experience. There is a community experience and a range of courses that is unparalleled with world-class teachers. SKYROS has received rave reviews from press all over the world including One of the World’s Best Holidays from The Sunday Times.


Skyros Holidays destinations are found in Greece, Thailand, Trinidad, Cuba, Venice, Morocco, Paris and Isle of Wight.



Skyros Holidays are available year round. You can check trip dates by month.



Greece rate is £595 for a one week holiday and £1,245 for a two week holiday. Rates include: 

  • Twin share accommodations
  • A selection of courses
  • Full board meals in Atsitsa
  • Half board at The Skyros Centre


Please see our destinations page for prices and accommodation on our Skyros-Around-The-World locations.


Take yoga from the comfort of your own home to Skyros breathtaking landscape. What better way to relax than freeing the mind, strengthening the body and lifting the spirit - the physical benefits of yoga are myriad.

When some people think yoga, they think of people doing strange poses whilst standing on their head, contorting their bodies into the most unusual shapes and positions. But don't be intimidated. Yoga offers lots of different movements and sequences to suit every age, body shape, and ability. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies depending on the tradition in which the teacher has been trained. But whatever the tradition, the Skyros yoga courses are facilitated by many outstanding teachers who will accommodate both the more learned of students and beginners.

Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Yoga for All and we now have Yin & Yang Yoga and Pilates. More than its courses, SKYROS offers a way of living in which everyone has a part to play. Its community informal, friendly, relaxed, and yet vibrant brings people together in a way that makes it possible for everyone to feel immediately at home. 


At Atsitsa Bay, participants live just moments from the sea. Some stay in a spacious stone villa and others in bamboo huts situated in the midst of lush gardens, and only moments from the sea.


At Skyros Centre, we offer twin share or single upgrades in traditional Greek hotels just moments from the beach.


For the rest of the world, please choose from your desired location here.



In Greece, food is Mediterranean-style served on a full board (Atsitsa Bay) or half board (Skyros Centre) basis. The freshest ingredients are always used locally sourced seasonal fruits and vegetables, natural yoghurt and cheeses, pulses and grains. Lunches tend to be vegetarian and Mediterranean in style. Meat or fish is usually served in the evenings. We are happy to cater to vegetarians.

For our other destinations around the world, we always embrace the cultures’ cuisine but cater for every dietary requirement and participants preferences.

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